Sep 12

Tips for getting a government job in India

By Fred Sailor | India , Job

There are many reasons why government jobs in India are sought after, and one of them is security. In older days, when in India were popular arranged marriages, parents choose their kids spouses on the fact whether they had a government job or not. This doesn’t mean that jobs in private companies were bad back then. The interesting fact, even then, jobs in private companies had a bigger earning potential and better salaries. But, security was the main concern.

How to find a government job?


Even back then, finding a government job was hard, people used to read newspapers and listen to radio. But now, with the advance of the technology, people have easy access to the internet, and the largest website that offers government jobs in India is Sarkari naukri. Job seekers can browse here between various occupation and section to find an appropriate job. With the use of modern technologies, job searching has become much easier.

Which techniques to apply the searching a government job?

sarkari-naukri-upcoming-datesFind an appropriate environment for yourself. When you think about government job, imagine it as one gigantic structure, which has number or agencies and departments. It will take you time to find the appropriate position for yourself. For example, if you are a financial expert by profession, but you are interested in nature and healthy life, then you can search jobs in National Park Service. It is important to identify your professional skills and to search a job according to your education.

Choose the right website for employment. On Indian government job market, you can find various websites that offer employment. Within the most prominent are Sarkari naukri, Merajob, Employment News, Job Sharkari, Free Job Alert and many others. These websites often publish most recent job spots and update their news daily. They are a great opportunity if you want to apply for a government position.

government-of-india-africa-scholarshipsUse social networks and employment news. If you have a large circle of friends uses them to your advantage, you will never know which of them has some useful information. If you have friends already working in government positions, ask them about their career and how they manage to land that job. It is important to gain insight on how to apply or how to prepare for the interview.

Rearrange you resume. It is important to have updated resume and designed to match any government position and terminology. The government terminology has a different pattern of expression, so must rearrange your resume. The situation is much different when you are applying for some position in the private sector. Your resume must be formal and full of appropriate terms.

The most important thing is to be patient. It takes time for everything, sometimes moths. Since we are talking about government job, you must be aware of bureaucracy. If you are prepared to wait, then your patience will be awarded, in any other case, you are losing your time and money here.


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